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Phantom Powered Pixels is this nerdy looking bloke above. Belfast-based illustrator Colin David Armstrong.

Having originally trained at Queen's University Belfast as an Audio Engineer, working evenings, Colin rediscovered his passion for illustration. Deciding to add a string to his bow, he attended and completed an OCR Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design at South Eastern Regional College, Bangor. Now, having gained some confidence, he is making a go of it as a career.

Growing up with his late father’s comic book and music collection helped fuel his interests in story illustration and sequential art for graphic novels as well as the graphic design of album art. All along being exposed to various genres of music. Some good and some not so good...

Always happy to collaborate and experiment with style and approach, maybe he is what you're looking for in your next project. Or maybe you just want to chat about art and music. Either way drop him a line below.

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